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Ann Smith
Director, Co-Founder,  Visionary, Spiritual Activist, Global and Local Connector, Teacher/Learner, Circle Evangelist

Ann, from Naples, Florida, is a Circle mentor, educator, consultant, professional speaker, creator of circle leadership programs & trainer of trainers, author of Stories from the Circle, WomenPrints & Dear Ann Column for Peace X Peace, co-editor of Women’s Uncommon Prayers, and Circle Calendars.
She was founder and director of Women’s Works, and served as the director of Women in Mission and Ministry, Episcopal Church USA, director of Global Education Associates and has worked around the world with the United Nations, women’s organizations and local groups using Circle Principles as the foundation for all international, national and local events and programs.

Ann is working on a Spiritual Leadership program and a training of facilitators.  To find out more about this program contact Ann at annlsmith714@gmail.com  or call her at 239-682-1260.   The Mother Earth’s Round Calendar is ready for purchase.  You can order from her. 


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Our Treasured Circle of Advisors


Carolyn Anderson
Global Family

My experience with the power of Circles began in 1971 when I joined my first women’s meditation group. I was “lifted” by the resonant field to a state of consciousness that was new for me and ECSTATIC, and I was hooked on circles from that point forward. I learned the core group process in 1983, while working with Barbara Marx Hubbard on her Campaign for a Positive Future. This design came to us “through us” – as revelation – and we knew that we had tapped into an energetic and a structure that was truly Divine. Since 1986 – with the founding of Global Family – we have initiated this circle process with teams in over 41 countries, seeding literally thousands of circles and giving birth to a new structure that can replace the hierarchical institutions of the dying culture. Visit her websites at: globalfamily.net and hummingbirdlivingschool.org.

Christina Baldwin
Author, Educator, Co-Founder

In 1994 with I co-founded an educational company with Ann Linnea called PeerSpirit, Inc., that offers a wide range of seminars and trainings in PeerSpirit methodology. Our focus from the beginning of our facilitation work has been to bring circle process into mainstream settings and to train people to carry this work in both their personal and professional lives. We now work primarily in education, health care, religious communities and institutions, nonprofit associations and boards. My book Calling the Circle, The First and Future Culture (Bantam 1997) as well as our many co-authored booklets on circle process supports our this work. I feel the circle is the mother of all methodologies, the fire around which we learned our socialization and where we return to remember the common values that link us. Since much of this linking occurs through shared story, my latest book, Storycatcher, Making Sense of our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story (New World Library, 2005) integrates my life work thus far and communicates an understanding of the necessity for all people to know their own story and use it to shape their lives and the world around them.

Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD
Jungian Analyst, Author

Jean has authored over 15 books, is an internationally known Jungian analyst, clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco, and a former member of the board of the Ms. Foundation for Women. Having searched unsuccessfully for years for a book to recommend while leading women’s circles, in 1999 Jean decided to write her own. In The Millionth Circle she proposes nothing less than the possibility that women’s circles with a spiritual center can accelerate humanity’s shift into a post-patriarchal era. Circles build upon what women do naturally, and have brought about major political and social changes. Women in small groups grew into the Women’s Suffragette’s movement, which gained women the right to vote in 1920. Women in small consciousness-raising groups led to the Women’s movement of the 1970s. A millionth circle movement led by women could change planetary consciousness. “Once the principles are understood, the significance of women’s circles can be appreciated as a revolutionary-evolutionary movement that is hidden in plain sight.” In her most recent book, Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World, she explains that “we’ve learned that women gathering together in groups and telling the truth of their lives can actually change the world.”

Rev. Ginny Doctor
Episcopal Missionary

I was raised on the Onondaga Nation Territory in Upstate New York and am a member of the Mohawk Nation of Grand River, Ontario, Canada. As an Episcopal missionary in the Diocese of Alaska, I have served in a variety of capacities at both the local and national level including the Council for Women’s Ministries, the Asian, Black, Indigenous, Latina organization and as a founding member of the Anglican Council of Indigenous Women. Leader development is one of my passions. I am a Women of Vision trainer and have gone to Kenya to provide that training. I have been to many communities in Alaska and across the United States providing training to lay leaders and have written a number of articles for publication. I see my fundamental mission as “restoring the spirituality of the people.”

Beverly Engel
Author, Psychotherapist

For most of my career as a psychotherapist (over 30 years) I have specialized in working with women (and men) who have been abused (physically, emotionally, sexually) either in their childhood or as an adult. About 15 years ago, having been deeply touched by the experience of sitting in circle with other women myself, and after completing several years of Shamanic training, I decided to incorporate circle into my practice. Instead of conducting regular group therapy, I asked survivors to follow circle guidelines. I found that clients were able to go deeper into their feelings given the safety of the guidelines. Since then I conduct most of my groups and most of my trainings (I also train other professionals) in circle. I have even conducted circles in the middle of Barnes and Noble when I am on book tours! (I am the author of 18 self-help books). I was so impressed by the power of circles that I wrote a book, published by Health Communications, called Women Circling the Earth: A Guide to Fostering Community, Healing and Empowerment. Because of the book I was invited to the first Millionth Circle meeting and became one of its founding members, along with Ann Smith. I now conduct circles and circle trainings all over the world and my intention is to live by circle principles (i.e. equality, heart consciousness and gratitude).

Ronita Johnson
Circle Facilitator

Ronita Johnson (Pleasant Hill, CA) Visionary Creator of “Celebrating Our Inner Queen” and certified Personal Development Coach. Creating life-changing circles for women to embrace their majesty, one moment at a time! Visit her website at www.InEveryHeart.com 

Deborah Koppel Mitchell
Circle Facilitator, Publisher
Spheres Circles Publication

In 1998 I got “The nudge” to create my first Women’s Circle Gathering. At the time, I did not even know what a Women’s Circle was—All I knew was that I had a fabulous core of women friends, and if I brought us all under the same roof at the same time AND, we gathered together in-Circle, that it would be magic! Shortly thereafter, I was given many books on Sacred Circles, and I discovered that many were published around the same time I got “the nudge,.” I then realized that I was part of something much larger…A “Feminine Movement”—A Healing. There was definitely a need— and coming together in the sacred space of a Circle filled that need. The healing benefits and magic is always tangible in Circle! I have been hosting and facilitating Circle Gatherings for over seven years. Within that time, came another “nudge.” The “birthing” of, Spheres Circles Publication, and the website, sphereswomenscircles.com. Both are “connecting tools,” serving as resources and forums for expression of the feminine heart– based on the Principle of “Connecting for the benefit of ALL!” In the past year, Spheres Circles Publication has transformed into a one-of-a-kind, “yin/yang style,” flip cover magazine for women AND Men. Symbolic of the need to embrace and bring the masculine and feminine energies into balance.

Clare Peterson
Founding Member
Gather the Women Canada

Circle Principles have been my way of being in relationship with women over many years through Community Wellness Centre programs, private counseling practice and personal spiritual communities. Respect, equality, honesty and spirit centered inspiration are profound qualities that flow naturally through all circle process. Circles in my life have brought me into real relationships and carried me beyond my hesitations, through spirals of challenges and learning. I am always amazed at the kindness and blessings that circle connection brings. I know it is because at the center of the circle there is sacred presence. As a retired Registered Nurse, a Core Member of Gather the Women Matrix and The Millionth Circle Initiate and a founding member of Gather the Women Canada, I am dedicated to connecting with other women locally and around the world who are feeling called to bring their wisdom, gifts and resources into authentic leadership roles for peace. Visit the GatherTheWomenCanada website.

Jan Phillips
, Artist, Educator

I became aware of the power of circles in 1975 when I dove into the second wave of the women’s movement at the age of 26. I have been circling ever since, as an activist, artist and author. In 1982, I co-founded the Syracuse Cultural Workers to publish and distribute artwork for global peace and justice. From 1983-85, I traveled around the world on a peace pilgrimage showing slides of the US/Canadian peace movements and published my first book, Making Peace, when I returned. I became involved in the International Women’s Writing Guild in 1989 and have been teaching at their annual summer conference ever since, creating circles that support women’s belief in the power of their stories and their ability to write them. Since then I have written Marry Your Muse, Divining the Body, God is at Eye Level, A Waist is a Terrible Thing to Mind, The Art of Original Thinking, and Circling-A Guidebook for a Group Experience in Creative Consciousness. I also have a CD of original music, All the Way to Heaven, and several videos that help us remember the power of our connectedness. I teach workshops around the country that connect the dots between spirituality, creativity and social consciousness, and train individuals as group facilitators so that we can continue to be mirrors and lights to each other. I believe that our collective consciousness is awakening and that women are the primary midwives to the global transformation that is happening through us, not to us. I am committed to delivering the good news of this transformation through images, music and story and see myself as an artist, more than anything else. As my favorite poet Mary Oliver says: “I am a performing artist. I perform adoration.”

Teresa Ruelas
Visionary Editor
Offerings Publications, Inc.

I am a New York City-born, Philippine-raised, World-interested woman who has always walked the edges to explore and let emerge new and evolving ways of being in the world… ways that affirm and serve life. One of the ancient and re-emerging new ways of being is in circle. As an elder in my circle has always said, “Circle is the birthplace of the new human.” I only have to look inside me and my life as well as the lives of the others in my circle of ten years to know the deep truth of that. Each time we gather in circle, I and we are renewed, re-listened and beheld into the core of our highest and truest selves. In circle, individually and collectively, we rediscover what makes us whole. One of my emerging new projects is to lead the birth of an innovative global women’s space called Offerings. She is a co-creative field for evolving women, full of the creative expressions of the story of Woman – in conversations, print publications, art exhibitions, films, etc. This field, this playground, this new way of community is being birthed by women and men who live extraordinary lives in conjunction with an evolving humanity and world.

Justine Willis Toms
Author & Co-Founder/Co-President
New Dimensions Broadcasting Network

Justine is the co-founder and co-president New Dimensions World Broadcasting Network and New Dimensions Radio both are projects of New Dimensions Foundation. Since 1973 she has worked with many of the leading edge thinkers, social innovators and visionaries of our time. She is a workshop leader facilitating others to find and live their passion. Circle work has been part of her life and interest for over twenty-five years. She leads workshops on circle work and inspires the forming of circles worldwide. She serves on the Board of Advisors of the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children and serves on the Board of Directors of the Process Work Center of Portland, Oregon. She is co-author with her husband Michael Toms of True Work: Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do.


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