Circle Connections Mission is…
to bring the gift of women’s sacred circles
and Circle Leadership worldwide;
caring for ourselves, one another
and Mother Earth.


We know that Circle is the most empowering setting for women and girls to heal and grow their leadership.

We know that in Circle our differences are respected and we are united through Spirit.

We believe that Circle is the new guru, the collective wisdom that leads to responsible actions for the greater good.

We believe Circle Leadership will bring about a new way of being with one another and the natural world that will enhance the quality of life on our planet.

We believe that Circles and Connections transform the feelings of isolation and powerlessness and helps create local and global communities centered in love and compassion.

We know Circle and Connections bring trusting collaborative relationships with individuals and organizations where creativity, power-with and love reign.



Circles Bring Peace
Connecting Circles Brings Peace & Justice

We Invite You To:

       Say Yes to Circle Leadership

       Become co-creators of Circle Gatherings, TeleCircles, WomanFesting Circles, Action Circles

       Start a Circle, Become a Circle Facilitator, Form Action Circles, Visit us on Facebook; Circle Connections and We Love Circles Groups.

        Connect Women to Women, locally and globally, form sister relationships

        Circle the United Nations & UN 5th World Conference on Women
Bring Circle worldwide.   Join us at 


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