Circle Connections Mission is…
to bring the gift of sacred Circles
and Spiritual Leadership worldwide;
caring for ourselves, one another
and Mother Earth.


 Circle is the most empowering setting for people of all ages to heal and fully participate as their natural selves.    

Circle Connections are co-creating a global movement of spiritual leaders and activists who live Circle Principles of shared leadership, collaboration, loving relationships, consensus and power-with all creation.    

Divine Feminine Power is rising, healing and empowering people of all ages to become the change they want to see in the world, Circle by Circle.    

It is in Circle that we are encouraged and supported in becoming our authentic selves and reach our greatest potential both individually and collectively.   We are part of nature and our natural selves are magnificent.   

2017 Mother Earth's Round Calendar

2017 Mother Earth’s Round Calendar


Mother Earth’s Round Calendar

January 2017  

This one-of-a kind whimsical and meaningful sun and moon calendar is for people of all ages.  It has messages from Mother Earth that help us to be healthy people for a healthy planet.  It will have a free study guide to use before March 2016 and for each month that has a nature-centered theme. 

Order from Ann Landaas Smith at  Retail price is $20.   

Join us on Facebook:  Circle Connections, We Love Circle, Episcopal Women Connecting groups; Millionth Circle and Gather The Women Groups.  

Millionth Circle Conveners at the Parliament of the World’s Religions where many circles with a sacred center were held.  One Feminine Ground of 100 women was held the day before the Women’s Assembly of the Parliament.  Circles heal and empower.  Divine Feminine power is rising. 

Elinore D. MC


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