When we dream and work together in Circle

Miracles Happen


 Circle is the most empowering setting for people of all ages to heal and fully participate as their natural selves.    

Circle Connections are help to co-create a global movement of leaders and activists who live Circle Principles of shared leadership, collaboration, loving relationships, consensus and power-with all creation.       

It is in Circle that we are encouraged and supported in becoming our natural  selves and reach our greatest potential both individually and collectively.   

Circles Empowering Rural Women and Girls for a Sustainable Future  

March 15th, Thursday, 8:30 to 10:00 PM, 2017  

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women NGO Workshop, Thursday 8.30 to 10.00.  Yerevan Hall in Armenian Center, NYC .

Free and open to the public.  First come, first serve.

Ann Smith, Director of Circle Connections, and Lauren Oliver, Director of CirclesWork, will facilitate an interactive circle experience where everyone participates.  Women leaders from around the world will share success stories related to empowerment of women and girls, sustainable farming, water purification and more.  In small circles everyone will share what they are doing in caring for creation and learn from others.

The circle model provides healing and empowerment, facilitates full participation, shared leadership, information, resources and gather the collective wisdom for sustainable actions.   Workshop equips people to replicate this model back home. Each one Teach one.   Success stories will be highlighted in Circle Connection’s blog.

For updates during and after CSW join us on Facebook Group; UN Commission on the Status of Women    And Circle Connections. 


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