Circle Connections Mission is…
to bring the gift of sacred Circles
and Feminine Leadership worldwide;
caring for ourselves, one another
and Mother Earth.


 Circle is the most empowering setting for women and girls to heal and fully participate as their natural selves.    

Differences are respected and nurtured.  New skills learned. 

Collective wisdom and creativity brings solutions to today’s problems.

Feminine Leadership transforms the domination of masculine.

Divine Feminine is embraced, embodied and celebrated. 

Circle Connections are co-creating a global movement of spiritual activists who live Circle Principles of shared leadership, collaboration, loving relationships, consensus and power-with all creation.    

Be part of the greatest movement in human history, Circle by Circle.   


GTW  Poster

Register now for Gather The Women Global Matrix

Annual Gathering Oct. 29-Nov 1, 2015

Ellenton, Florida  


Join us on Facebook:  Circle Connections, We Love Circle, Episcopal Women Connecting groups; Millionth Circle and Gather The Women Pages.  If you live in Florida join us on Gather The Women in Southwest Florida FB Group.  

Don’t miss an amazing Circle Retreat, the Annual Gather of, Oct. 29-Nov 1st, 2015 at DaySpring Conference Center in Ellenton, Florida.  The theme is Awaken to Nature Within and in Everything, Everywhere.      


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