We help start and sustain circles

Offer a new leadership and training of circle facilitators program called
Nature’s Way to Lead and Organize

Partner with others in bringing circle events  


 Circle is the most empowering setting for people of all ages to heal and fully participate as their natural selves.    

Circle Connections are help to co-create a global movement of leaders and activists who live Circle Principles of shared leadership, collaboration, loving relationships, consensus and power-with all creation.       

It is in Circle that we are encouraged and supported in becoming our natural  selves and reach our greatest potential both individually and collectively.   

2017 Mother Earth's Round Calendar

2017 Mother Earth’s Round Calendar


One-of-a kind whimsical and meaningful sun and moon calendar for people of all ages.  It has messages from Mother Earth that help us to care for ourselves, one another and Her.  Study guide and daily journal found on Facebook Page Mother Earth’s Round Calendar.   

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Elinore D. MC


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