When we dream and work together in Circle

Miracles Happen


 Circle is the most empowering setting for people of all ages to heal and fully participate as their natural selves.    

Circle Connections are help to co-create a global movement of leaders and activists who live Circle Principles of shared leadership, collaboration, loving relationships, consensus and power-with all creation.       

It is in Circle that we are encouraged and supported in becoming our natural  selves and reach our greatest potential both individually and collectively.   

Nature’s Way to Lead and Organize Circle Facilitation Program

August 24 – 27, 2017  &   September 21 – 24, 2017, Avalon, Temple, NH

GaiaNature’s Way, to Lead and Organize, is an innovative and exciting new spiritually-based leadership program built on Indigenous Wisdom, new science and best practices.  Women and girls will experience and learn through practice, circle facilitation and community organizing in a compassionate, creative and fun loving environment. During the four-days topics will include, the art of bringing together like and unlike minds, managing conflict, coming to consensus, collecting group wisdom, co-creating action plans and more.  The program will be infused with storytelling, art, music, meditation, gentle movement, communing with nature that will assist participants in connecting to their own heart center and Mother Earth.

Facilitation Team:  Ann Smith, Barbara Thorngren, Edna Brown

CONTACT INFORMATION AVALON, Barbara Thorngren, 374 General Miller Highway, Temple, NH 03084 Phone: 603.878-3076  Workshop Contact: Barbara Thorngren,


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