Our Girl Cell

We posted this video awhile back on our Circle Connections blog,

Eve Ensler: Embrace your inner girl

… however I took the time to watched it again this morning after receiving a link to it in an email from a dear friend.

Perhaps it should become a morning meditation for all women until we are fully awake without dozing or pulling the covers over our heads, or because we make ourselves too busy to allow ourselves to feel it and make it worth our time to know what we know.

The awakening theme is alive and expanding thanks to women like Marianne Williamson at the Sister Giant event and the crusade of women like Eve Ensler. Be reminded…

There is a groundswell of awakening, and it’s nurturing is up to us. As we connect with our ‘girl cell’ we cannot comfortably go back to sleep. As we dare to step back into our core strength each of us will know how, and that we must actualize our calling.

Emotions are messy. We are often grumpy when first awakened. Having been denied or made wrong to have emotions or be intuitive, often our emotions burst forth in a violent manner. After all, we contain a cellular memory of being burned at the stake for being healers and wise women.

However we must realize that victims become perpetrators. We are now called to let our awakening to be messy and then move beyond that awkwardness to transform our emotion and anger to intuition and grace. We are called to move from being egocentric and pricklly to insightful and courageous. We are called now to hone our capacity to direct our words and emotions in a skilled and potent way to be the change we are called to be. There is great power and reassurance that comes from holding hands at the well, walking this path in the good company of other conscious women and those who love us.

The internet has become a place like the well where women connect to share our experiences. Women are reclaiming the internet as a feminine model and as their place of gathering to share our wisdom stories. As at the well,the internet has become a sharing place for us to do our grassroots work and the means for spreading the word.

Today at the ‘well’ that lives in my inbox, this message was passed along to be by a dear friend as it was shared with her by a dear friend of hers… and this is how women do it…

“While I was in Kenya I spent the morning with Agnes Pareiyo (mentioned in Eve’s T.E.D. talk) and the girls at her house. In this very powerful video Eve Ensler talks about “the girl cell”, and also about the work of Agnes.

I think it is a presentation that no one – male or female – should miss hearing. I have attached a picture of a few of the girls I spent time with, and 2 of their caregivers, and the building which Eve funded there.”

— Su

We are emotional creatures, powerful beyond all measure, blessed with a ‘girl cell’ that aches to be set free. May we all go there, to that core that lives in each of us. May it no longer be silenced, by others or by our own doing.



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