Divine Feminine Rising



Divine Feminine is Rising, She is life-giving. She empowers us all to be the change needed in the United States and everywhere.

With so much attention given to the newly elected presidential abuse of power in the Federal Government, the silent and mighty force of the Divine Feminine continues to grow more visible.   While only 200 buses are predicted to attend the inauguration, at least 1,200 bus permits have been asked for the Women’s March.  While some will watch the inauguration others are organizing local events connected to the Women’s March.  We refuse to be idle, complacent or complicit in supporting an oppressive regime.  We are coming together to be the spiritual leadership these times call us into being, as change agents and activists.  The patriarchy may have a strangle hold on national politics, but not on our minds and hearts as citizens.  We refuse to support any candidate that does not ensure basic human rights of everyone and ecological integrity.  We embrace the Divine Feminine in ourselves and in everyone and claim Her power to be co-creators of a world that works for all creation.   She is with us even in our despair.  She is the unseen whispering encouragement to step into leadership as visionaries, mystics, community organizers, teachers, learners and politicians.   Be angry, be vigilant, be all that you are being called to be at this critical time.

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