Why Circles

Through Circle, Women Lead the Way
from the ‘Old Story’
to the ‘New Story…

Circles are innate to women

The Temenos Circle

Though women have always come together in Circle in one way or another, we have been pressured for many years to live under the ‘Old Story’ – a predominantly Hierarchical Model of structures and leadership. It is a ‘top-down’ model that is still the structure found in most schools, organizations, corporations, businesses and in traditional families.

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In the ‘Old Story’ there is a top, a middle and bottom

  • TOP – The top is the CEO, president, principle, director and in traditional families father. The top knows best and tells others what to do.
  • MIDDLE – There is a middle. This is the manager, supervisor, teacher chairperson and in traditional families mother. The middle conveys the decisions and messages from the top to the bottom. They make sure those on the bottom do what they are told.
  • BOTTOM –  There is a bottom. At the bottom are the workers, members, students, and in traditional families children.

The ‘New Story’ is brought to life by the Circle Model

The ‘New Story’ is a more collaborative model that has room for an emergent design. It is an egalitarian way of being with one another where everyone works together and is honored for their gifts. The power, the resources, the decision-making, and the work all are shared. This ensures full participation, personal growth and unlimited creativity.

In Circle…

  • There is no top and no bottom, just one fluid dynamic system
  • The network is formed around a common passion
  • Leaders emerge naturally and only inspire to direct and make the group cohesive. They act as a guiding part of a greater whole, not as a director over.
  • Groups are more fluid and act from a common commitment to Circle Principles
  • Self-sustaining
  • Reorganizations happen organically all the time and are easy.
  • Conflict resolution and Win/Win Communication is innate in the structure


Through Circle…

  • We become better communicators
  • Build healthier relationships, deepen trust, and appreciate differences
  • Become more compassionate decision makers and problem solvers
  • Develop more balanced, meaningful, and passionate lives
  • Contribute to our communities
  • Expand our authenticity, build confidence and a empower healthy self esteem

The Anchoress Circle in Chartres, France

Circles provide the common ground for all to be truly heard and offers a respectful way of coming together to find new solutions to problems, co-create new resources, events and programs, and close the gap between opposing sides. The Circle Process shifts the focus from the ‘Old Story’ of ‘forcing’ and ‘power-over’ to the ‘New Story’ of ‘allowing’ and ‘power-with’.

It seems that the challenges we face today are calling for a shift to a more gentle and conscious way of being with one another if we are to connect and create a new earth.

  • Now is the time for women to collaborate and co-create, daring to bring forward and give voice to our most authentic and creative self.
  • Circle Connections provides an active evolutionary community, a modern day Well, in which women (and the men who love them) can connect, up-lift, and support women
    on this journey.
  • We inform, inspire, and encourage women to connect and embrace their innate power to lead in all facets of their life, leaning on the Power of Circle in their own spiritual development within their family and intimate relationships within their personal and professional community, locally and globally.
  • At Circle Connections we honor that each woman has an individual calling that shapes the form of her leadership and fully support her in putting her passion into action.
  • We are committed to bringing forward Circles as mainstream and promote compassionate connections as the means through which we will mutually and collaboratively create a new earth, one circle, one connection, one step at a time.


Connecting Episcopal Women Circle

Connecting in Circle and living by Circle Principles in all facets of our lives is a proactive response to what we have experienced at the hands of the ‘Old Story – the Hierarchical Model of structures and leadership that no longer serves us. The Circle Process and Circle Principles shift the focus to the ‘New Story’ – an age old healthy form of communication and governance that allows for an alchemy of the masculine and the feminine.

The Results of Circles
and Benefits of Connecting Circles…

Community organizers join together
We are creating one of the largest people movements in history. Women, girls, men and boys who understand and support the creative empowerment of women, are coming together to create a new way to being with each other, in communities, at home, in the work place, in all that they do. We teach, support and promote the power of Circle Leadership Principles to enliven, inspire and ignite the passion and mission to unfold while honoring the wisdom of the collective whole. We are changing the world, one circle at a time, multiplying the rate and speed at which this wisdom is shared to manifest a world that is loving, sharing, peaceful, yet joy-filled, action-oriented and focused on its mission – helping and loving one another in many forms.

All circles gain effective win/win communications
Through our sharing our personal and collective growth, we bring all circles together to support one another. We envision a broad community that is patient, tolerant, understanding, and transparent in its communication, which we believe leads to ultimate peace.

No woman or girl is left without support and acknowledgment
It’s been said that any organization is only as good as its last member. There are no lost or forgotten members in society. We merely need to open our arms and embrace people from all backgrounds, socio-economic, religious or spiritual, or any other classification. Grassroots people, women, girls, men and boys, learn by doing and claim their right to access education, training, funding, work and other needs. Let’s come together connecting your circle and ours in one large space, to learn, form and share.

Through connections, we bring about positive, systemic change
Most circle have core missions to address the most important issues on the planet. These include stopping violence, eradicating of poverty and creating a sustainable environmental that serves its communities as well as the earth. These missions and circles will be connected at this place. Soon, you will be able to find other circles connected or share with your circle mission and vision. Stayed tuned as we grow our connections to bring about these new changes, to support you and the collective wisdom of the world!

To learn more about Circle and Circle Principles, we invite you to listen to the following recording:

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Empowering the New Paradigm for Women: Clarifying Circle Principles for the Greater Good
Ann Smith, Rhonda Hull, Caroline Ravelo of Circle Connections and Jeanie DeRousseau of Light Pages come together to initiate the New Year with an important conversation about the obstacles women face when we connect for the greater good, the importance of trust, the meaning of power, the importance of Circle Principles, and how to live into them to transform from unhealthy group dynamics to healthy group practices so women can co-create.


Stop running in circles
and become a part of one!

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