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When we experience the UN 5WCW, global women’s forum, for all people to attend in person or by technology, the Millionth Circle/tipping point will have arrived for a new world based on love, peace and justice for all creation.

The Millionth Circle Conveners Group was formed in 2001 by women from the United States, Canada and Europe.   Peggy Sebera and Ronita Johnson called a gathering of circle women to come together around the book Millionth Circle by Jean Shinoda Bolen.   We used the World Café process to come up with our mission statement that still rings true for us thirteen years later.

Circles encourage connection and cooperation among their members and inspire compassionate solutions to individual, community and world problems. We believe that circles support each member to find her or his own voice and to live more courageously, and intend:

• to seed and nurture circles, wherever possible, in order to cultivate equality, sustainable livelihoods, preservation of the earth and peace for all.

• to bring the circle process into United Nations accredited non-governmental organizations and the 5th UN World Conference on Women.

• to connect circles so they may know themselves as a part of a larger movement to shift consciousness in the world.


The principles of circle are being lived out by millions of small groups, organizations, coalitions, committees and networks .  They are shared leadership, deep listening without judgment, decisions by consensus, gender equality, respect for all.  Co-creativity abounds in finding solutions to today’s local, national and global problems.   This is the largest movement in human history and can not be stopped.  It is life giving for all involved.  It is creative, fun, innovative solution-based, spiritual and built on love and a deep respect for all creation.  

We are between the old world that is becoming more and more violent and the new world based on circle principles that is emerging.   Today is filled with fear and anger as well as love and peace.  It has many wonderful stories of success in bringing peace, love and justice for all creation.  Keeping the focus on the successes and working for the new brings us renewed energy and peace.

When there is a UN 5WCW the majority of people in the world will experience the new world.   They will know the tipping point is here and will feel empowered and connected to let go of the old and be co-creators for the new.   The dream for 5WCW rises from the good work being done within and around the UN by the Women’s Majority Group and other organizations throughout the world.   It will be the greatest empowering celebration ever held.

Namaste!!!  Ann Landaas Smith

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