Ten Minute Meditation Thursday

Thursday, December 14th, at 8PM EST, ten minute meditation/prayer for the preservation of the Everglades.

When a group harnesses their energies in a ten minute meditation/prayer for the preservation of the Everglades, miracles happen to the intended area of focus and to all who participate.

Find a quiet comfortable space.  Visualize the Everglades with pristine water and pure air,  panthers and other wildlife safe and healthy.

Engage your five senses: hearing the water flow, smell the fresh air, feel the peace and harmony of nature, see yourself touching the trees, water, sea grasses, hear the sound of the panther’s roar, the bird calls, the fish jumping. Taste the pure water and healing plants.  We are one.

Lynne McTaggert’s book, The Power of Eight scientifically proves this to be true.

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