Solar Choice

The following is my letter to the editor published yesterday in the Naples Daily News.

When riding my bike through the more upscale neighborhoods like Port Royal and Barefoot Beach, I am struck how all the new homes under construction are not in keeping with the times.   Where are the energy-saving features such as solar panels?

Where are the energy efficient cars such as Tesla?   These are homes whose owners can well afford the best, so why not the best in energy efficiency and sustainability design?

I love Dwell Magazine that has the best of design and energy efficiency.   The homes are beautiful and range from expensive to moderately priced and low income.

What about a “show up” attitude instead of a “show off” lifestyle?  What if we had a house tour of energy- efficiency homes so that others become inspired to get with the times?  What if all places “show up” like the Naples Botanical Gardens that have VIP parking for hybrids and electric cars?  How exciting for us to start showing up and showing off to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren the most up to-date in futuristic housing and transportation.

At the recent Southwest Florida Sea Level Rise Summit, I learned that solar energy can cost the same as our electric bill with no additional costs to the home owners when it is a community project.  There are many solar companies available and other towns and states are leading the way.

The Florida constitutional amendment petition being circulated if passed, will remove the imposed barriers by government and our utility companies so we can have solar energy that all can afford.   Solar Choice, a large and growing coalition, is showing up to lead the way in getting the amendment passed so that someday we Floridians can show off our towns and cities.

Namaste!!!   Ann Landaas Smith

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