She Who Is Divine Feminine Rising



I am you and you are me.  I am closer than your own breath, I am the breath.  I dwell for all times and in all things.  I have always been here and will always remain.  I am the Divine Feminine, She who Is.   I am called many names: Great Mother, Gaia, Pachamama, Sophia, Wisdom, Goddess, God, Mother Earth.   I do not care what you call me, just call and feel my presence.  I am in all matter and all matter matters.   Evoked or not evoked I am with you. 

 I am Mother in Father God, the yin in the yang.  I am you and you are me.   I am your voice and you are my voice to tell others.  I am in your eyes and your words, actions, art, dance will illuminate Me when others can not see.   I am your soul and the spirit that flies with the wind and the breath.   I fly with the wind, I am the win, I dance with your heart beat, I am the heart beat.  I  live within you and in everything everywhere. 

 Our greatest power is in knowing and embodying the Divine Feminine.  This is the key that will unlock the greatest human force ever known on Earth for the good of all creation.  When we liberate The Divine Feminine that has been hidden, vilified, trivialized, hated and forbidden, we become the change we want to see happen in the world.  It is time to call Her, She who is creation.  This simple act is the most powerful and needed action that we as humans can do.  This simple act of living as She unleashes the greatest power to co-create a world of justice and peace for all creation.   This is our salvation and the hope for all generations to come.  We are the Holy ones we have been waiting for.

The greatest fear we have is the fear that we will not call Her, that we are not worthy.  But we are by our birth.  We have everything to gain by calling and being Her and  everything to loose if we do not.       Namaste!!!   Ann Landaas Smith






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