Pope Francis, President Obama and Grandmother Moon


Pope Francis, President Obama and Grandmother Moon



We have had a miraculous week with many signs and words needed to bring peace and justice for all creation.

I loved seeing Pope Francis being congruent as a pope for the marginalized and a champion to bring real change for all creation. I am grateful for his continued message about the urgency in caring for Mother Earth and his attack on greed for individual gain.  I am thankful for his giving praises to the nuns and for his apologies for the victims of sexual abuse by clergy and bishops.

I am gladdened that UN Women, the agency at the UN, hosted the global conference of world leaders where President Xi Jinping of China promised “to reaffirm our commitment to gender equality and women’s development” This was followed by  President Obama making his sharpest remarks about women’s equality in the General Assembly stating, “ that broadening opportunities for women and girls was central for a country’s development.  And I have to say I do not have patience for the excuse of well, we have our ways of doing things.  We understand that there is a long tradition in every society of discriminating against women. But that’s not an excuse.”

So what is up on Mother Earth with the fabulous show last night by Grandmother Moon dressed in blood red?  Are not these wondrous signs that the old is fading away and a new day is beginning?  Now it is up to us to be the change we want to see happen in the world.

Namaste!!!  Ann

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