On Feminine Ground

Gaia    spiritual educationON FEMININE GROUND

On feminine ground is Circle with a sacred center where everyone is equally valued and equally shares information, leadership, power and resources. It is heaven on earth. It is a level playing field where the top, middle and bottom of hierarchy are flattened. It is where the Divine Feminine and Masculine are in balance. It is where everyone can be healed and empowered to fully participate. It is the place where the collective wisdom and creativity is grown and harvested.

When two or more gather together, we have the choice to be a hierarchy or a circle. The world as we know it is terrifying; filled with greed, hate, fear, apathy, despair, blame, guilt and aggression. It is a world that is destructive to all creation. Every circle with a sacred center formed within a hierarchy or standing on its own is one more circle bringing the tipping point of a new world emerging, a world of justice and peace for all creation. When women stand together on feminine ground we become a mighty force for change. We become the Mother Heart in our thinking and acting. We reach out and support men and children to join us in creating and connecting sacred circles that radically change the dynamics of power over to power with. We bring true democracy to the work place, politics, churches and other institutions. We become powerful spiritual activists and change agents transforming the gap between rich and poor, powerful and powerless to true equality.

The Mother Heart is when the frequencies of our heart and mind are one with Mother Earth. In this state of consciousness we become our best selves individually and collectively. We are deeply connected to all beings as equals; beautiful, wise, compassionate, life-givers, nurturers and co-creators. We live in harmony with Mother Earth as an integral part of nature. We learn to know and experience joy, love, enlightenment, peace reverence, forgiveness, serenity and divine wisdom. It is in circle, on feminine ground, where we become spiritual co-creators in bringing forth the new world of justice and peace for all creation.

The world as we know it disallows, belittles and denies the feminine; but no more. We have the power to choose between patriarchy and feminine ground. We have the power to bring real change circle by circle starting with ourselves. We are the Mother Heart of radical love stepping into our greatness as powerful spiritual human beings in tune with the divine cosmic plan.   Namaste!!!  Ann

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