How to Stop The War on Women

How to Stop the War on Women

When I hear the phrase war on women I sadly shake my head at the folly of the human race for allowing this terrible tragedy to continue. So often we in the United States think that this war is not here, but it is covertly fought, especially against women of color. It is much more than serious than political rhetoric.

Several years ago when I was part of an Episcopal women’s leadership retreat on the Piute Reservation in Nevada, I picked up a local paper that had an article about Native American women having the highest murder rate in the nation. I was shocked and wondered why this was a hidden fact in public awareness. I went on to find that Native Alaskan women had the highest rate of violence done to them and the least opportunity for finding a safe place. The numbers of women and girls in sex trafficking in the United States and worldwide is beyond our imaginations.

United Nations statics show that violence against women worldwide is on the rise. Too often victims are silent because they have internalized the oppression and blame themselves. Or they are silenced by violence. Last March at the UN Commission on the Status of Women Meeting we heard that the murder rate of women’s activists is rising.

Not until the war on women is stopped will we stop the war on nature, transform poverty and live in a world of abundance for all. Can this happen in our lifetime? The good news is that the Divine Feminine is rising in the hearts of women and men, giving us the wisdom and courage to transform war against women into a peace plan that leaves no woman or girl behind. My Nordic ancestors give me the goddess Freyja as a model for standing up against violence and seeking a deep peace and love for all creation. I know once we truly embrace the power of the Divine Feminine we will overcome what seems impossible. The Divine Feminine named, claimed and embodied by each one of us gives us the power to transform the evils of war, all wars, freeing us to make a difference for the greater good.

We can stop the war on women by continuing to host women’s sacred circles so every woman and girl is empowered. We can organize, circle by circle, religious, spiritual and secular organizations, agencies, governments to unite efforts. We can show off our Divine Feminine in bold ways by singing Her praises — Bless Sophia with the vision, share the wisdom dwelling deep within.

Let’s step into our leadership where we equally share the information, resources and power.

Let’s vote for candidates who protect women’s rights and the rights of Mother Earth and get out the vote so those who have felt powerless in elections become change agents for true democracy.

Let’s dream and work for the United Nations 5th World Conference on Women.
Take this statement and make it yours and share far and wide.

We support holding the 5th UN World Conference on Women and call upon our own UN ambassador and those of member states in the General Assembly to pass the 5WCW resolution needed to hold it in 2015. We want 5WCW to address new and emerging issues affecting women and girls since the Beijing Conference in 1995, to build upon and not re-open previous UN documents.

Let’s hold these intentions in our hearts and minds and dream about the day when the Divine Feminine is claimed and embodied by a critical number of dedicated citizens. Let’s be the transformation we want to see happen in the world.

Mamaste — the Divine Feminine in me salutes the Divine Feminine in you.
Ann Smith


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