Gather The Women

Women's March with Marjorie and Bonnie Women's MarchAltar

When times get tough, the tough march, petition, lobby, make phone calls, vote, pray, meditate, sing, dance, create art, poetry, knit pussy hats, play and gather in Circle.

We are the spiritual leaders and activists made for these times.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  The Women’s March brought us hope and a visible sign that there is a global women’s movement that is huge and growing, self-organizing and unstoppable.   It is inclusive of all people, all ages and stages.  It is loving, fun and serious about working for justice and peace for all creation.  We care deeply for our planet, Mother Earth, and are gathering in circles as small as two or three or in the hundreds, thousands and millions.   We are motived by love, a love so great that it is beyond words or our imaginations.   Namaste!!!  Ann


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