First Circle

First Circle of CCC2The first circle called by the Community Café Coalition of SWFL was held Monday, June 5, at the Hummingbird healing center in Bonita Springs, Florida.   Using the Native American talking stick each woman spoke their thoughts and feelings about the word development.  We went home feeling hopeful and ready to hold other conversations that help us to discover common dreams that lead to actions.          

Our intention is to bring people together to listen, talk and act on behalf of the natural world  We will host circle conversations in cafés, churches and community spaces using a simple process that helps to shift us from small talk to meaningful results. We seek to bring together the diversity of SW Florida in a setting where like and un-like minds are listened to without judgment.  We will provide safe and creative settings where people of all ages have the opportunity to contribute in finding common dreams that lead to actions that preserve, protect and celebrate the natural world.

Open to individuals and groups that support the protection, preservation and celebration of the natural world

Visit us on Facebook  Community Café Coalition

The following are organizations included in the coalition:

Collier Citizens for Sustainability

Tree Sisters of the Sacred Forest of SWFL

Gather The Women of SWFL

Circle Connections

Millionth Circle

Building a Global Climate Movement   www.350.0rg?

Cypress Cove Conservancy

Pachamama Alliance


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