Feminine Power Rising




“The entire human community and cosmic universe have a claim on the merit of our daily actions.”      Joan Chittister

This was the quote I pulled from Sandy Wilbur’s basket to meditate on while walking the labyrinth. Gather The Women Global Matrix held their Annual Gathering on the beautiful natural land of Day Spring Conference Center in Florida. A circle of planners from GTW of Southwest Florida hosted and facilitated the circle of sacred circles.  54 women from many countries and throughout the United States attended along with one young mom and baby from Liverpool, England, Deborah Zaher and Theo.

This quote would be daunting if we didn’t have a circle of support. Gather The Women is made up of thousands of women from many places in the world who are meeting in a sacred circle, a circle of loving support. It is in circle where we are healed and empowered to be the change we want to see happen in the world. It is in women’s sacred circles that the Divine Feminine lives within us all and Feminine Leadership is empowered. It is in Circle where individual and collective healing happens and new insights and daily actions that have a positive influence and impact on the entire human community and cosmic universe are birthed.

Tu Bears from the Choctaw Nation opened our Circle every morning with a Sacred Pipe Ceremony and lessons.  She said men’s leadership is from the head and women’s leadership from the heart.  Our world has been out of balance with male leadership and the time has come for feminine leadership to bring balance.  This is a prophecy from many Indigenous tribes. The severe crises of the world needs love for Mother Earth, for ourselves and for one another.  This is what will bring healing and justice for all creation.  It is love that we brought and it permeated our actions throughout the Annual Gathering and now beyond.   We took the Circle Principle of consensus to a deeper level by including all beings.  We held many healing sessions and ceremonies, meditations and Open Space offerings.  We danced, sang, played, dreamed and helped one another.  Every chair had a leader and we all learned and shared through deep listening and reverence for all creation.

Janet Weisberg brought us Nature Connect experiences that helped us to live into our theme of Awaken to Nature Within and in Everything, Everywhere.  We wore costumes of non-human beings and held a Council of Beings that was profound and fun.  We had a Fire Circle Ceremony to let go of the old and to bring dreams for a new world of peace and justice for all creation.  This was held by three young women; Brittany Crayden, Elena Roubicek and CiCi Santiago.   Young women will help lead the way to being the change we want to see happen in the world.   Suzan Nolan, GTW Convener, held a circle conversation about spiritual activism that is motivated by love and deep reverence for all.

Katharina Sebert and Patricia Queritet from Europe brought circle dances and a womb healing ceremony that was held on the shore of the Gulf, drawing into their midst an  otter, dolphins and a manatee.   Everyone fully participated throughout the time together and added to the Divine Feminine synergy of the whole surpassing our previous understandings and expectations.  Everyone loved and was loved.

I am only covering a small part of what took place over the time together that began Thursday evening and ended Nov. 1st, All Saints Days on Sunday.  Saints, mystics, prophets, teachers, learners, healers, artists, singers, dancers, spiritual activists all came together in our diversity as One.  It is through our daily actions individually and collectively that we will heal and restore the entire human community and cosmic universe.   Namaste!!!  Ann



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