Through the book, ENOUGH: The Rise of the Feminine and the Birth of the New Story, coauthors Ann Landaas Smith and Laurie McCammon share a startling revelation: that examining one simple word is the key that unlocks the sleeping consciousness. Citing abundant evidence from science, spirituality, politics, feminist theology, indigenous wisdom and social movements from across the globe, they show how a shift from a 5,000 year old Never Enough culture into a new culture based on the power of Enough is inevitable and, in fact, has already heartily begun. In this new culture, the Divine Feminine is the natural leader and problem-solver, building the New Story through a more expansive heart-connected awareness. When women, men and youth believe they are enough and have enough to be the change they want to see in the world, and when they gather together, the New Story of peace and sustainability is activated and cannot be stopped. We look forward to birthing our book in the New Year and to connect to as many circles as possible. Together We Are Enough.org.

Namaste!!! Ann

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