Circles Empower Rural Women and Girls for a Sustainable Future


Circles Empowering Rural Women and Girls for a Sustainable Future

March 15, Thursday, 8.30AM

Yerevan Hall in the Armenian Convention Center, New York City.

UN Commission on the Status of Women NGO Circle Workshop

Ann Smith, Director of Circle Connections, and Lauren Oliver, Director of Circles Work, will facilitate an interactive circle experience where everyone participates.  Women leaders from around the world will share their success stories related to tree planting, water collection and purification, sustainable farming and more.   In small circles everyone will have the opportunity to share what they are doing in caring for creation and learn from others.

Presenters to be announced

The circle model empowers everyone to participate and benefit from the shared information, resources and collective wisdom.  Circle facilitation resources and facilitation practice in the workshop equips people to replicate this model back home.  Success stories will be highlighted in Women’s Perspective Newsletter, websites and Facebook Groups and Pages.,,,  


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