Change is Here and It is Good


Oh my God!   I am so grateful to be alive and well to witness to the Democratic National Convention.  I am deep gratitude to have the privilege to be able to hear the speeches and stories of forgiveness, compassion, strength against all odds and a new vision of shared leadership that embraces our amazing diversity.  I am so grateful to witness of the breaking of the glass ceiling in the highest office of government in my country that now gives all people the opportunity to fulfill our dreams for a world of inclusive justice and peace for all creation.

I have worked all my life for women’s leadership receiving verbal abuse or seen as women’s work so therefore insignificant. And like Hillary staying steadfast to moving forward, never going back.  The song Keep On Moving Forward, sung by 50 thousand women and men at the opening of the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995, is now becoming a reality.  The dream for a better world for all people brought about by shared leadership, listening to one another with respect and working together in love is happening.  The witnessing to how stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary work for justice is becoming the model of the new leadership, where women’s voices no longer are seen as too strident but are heard as voices of strength, wisdom, courage, compassion, collaboration, cooperation, love and tenacity.

Now it is up to us, we the people, to support one another in making the dreams come true, where no child lives in poverty, no one lives in violence, no one is allowed to destroy Mother Earth, and equality of all is a reality. Now it is up to us to turn to one another and listen, especially to those from whom we have been divided, and to tell our stories and our dreams for a better world.  .

We are working on a new leadership program called Spiritual Leadership that is based on the values I heard at the DNC. It is built on the collective wisdom from around the world, incorporating best practices and the way of circle where everyone is equally valued and equally shares the information, resources, leadership, power, love.  I have traveled around the world and attended more than forty global conferences where I could listen and participate with grassroots women and men and high officials.  It is through these amazing experiences that I have known for a long time that there is a new Spirit rising for a better world.

This is what all who watched the DNC got to experience. At all the global conferences there was very little and in most cases no media coverage.  I would come home and tell others, but because they were not with us to experience the power of change for the common good, it, was not believed or lost in translation.  Now millions and maybe billions of people will know that change is a coming and it is good.

There is a spiritual awakening that unites us. Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being and Why No Saw it Coming history, is a fabulous book of hope by Paul Hawken that documents what I too have experienced.  It is spiritual leadership found in small groups and spiritual circles, and in every place where people from around the world work together as equals for justice and peace.  Because of the great media coverage at the DNC, now millions and maybe billions can witness that change is coming, and it is good.

I beg that all of us stop and truly listen to the inner voice of Spirit within each of us so we tap into our greatest potential for the good of all. Then turn to others and tell your stories and your dreams for a better world and listen to others.    Namaste!!!  Ann

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