GaiaPrayer for International Women’s Day

Monica Willard, UN representative for United Religions Initiative, BLOG:

I know that many URI Cooperation Circles do events throughout the year to promote women and girls. Thank you for all you are doing!

March 8 is International Women’s Day. You may be interested in watching the program described below that will show the observance at the United Nations. Know that you will be represented at this event by URI representatives.

Watch it live or at another time here. If you watch it later, you will find it under “Meetings and Events” and then go to March 8.

May URI members be linked in thought, prayers and actions to promote the dignity of women and girls on March 8.  I will be using The Prayer for Everyday for Creation on International Women’s Day as I think of the wonderful women in the URI network and all the men who support our efforts.  I invite all to join me!

This is a prayer was written by Ann Landaas Smith and was first used in Beijing at the 1995 United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women.  Ann invites everyone to use and share this prayer.

Prayer for Everyday for All Creation

Let us see one another through eyes enlightened by understanding and compassion.

Release us from judgment so we can receive the stories of our sisters and brothers with respect and attention.

Open our hearts to the cries of a suffering world and the healing melodies of peace and justice for all creation.

Empower us to be instruments of justice and equality everywhere.

Written by Ann Landaas Smith

For the 1995 United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing


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UNCSW Events

Imagine biz card-face (3)


United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Join us in New York, call a Circle, connect through Prayer




Monday, March 14, 8:30 am, CCUN Bldg, 2nd floor
What will it take to END human trafficking? The role media plays and a rarely heard voice from the trafficker’s perspective
Sponsored by Pathways to Peace, The Fyera Foundation, Operation Big Sister, Stigamot, Amma’s Embracing the World, The Nest Foundation

Monday, March 14, 7-9 pm, Ritz Plaza, 235 W. 48th St, Apt 44C. Check in at reception.
Life in Pakistan for women and girls. Alice Garrick offers their stories and crafts. Sponsored by Women’s Development and Service Society, Church of Pakistan

Tuesday, March 15, 5:00 pm, CCUN Bldg, lower level
Silent meditation for world peace with justice
Sponsored by Women Rising Working Group of International Public Policy Institute, UN Chaplain’s Office

Wednesday, March 16, 4:30 pm, Salvation Army Auditorium, 221 E. 52nd St
Sustainable Development: The Power Tool for Women and Girls
Sponsored by Anglican Women’s Empowerment and Women’s Perspective


Tuesday, March 22, 2:30 pm, CCUN Bldg, Boss Room
Dynamics of Human Trafficking: Catastrophe, Migration, Demand, and Restoration
Sponsored by the International Public Policy Institute, UNANIMA International, LifeWay Network, Sisters of Charity Federation

Thursday, March 24, 2:30 pm, Salvation Army Downstairs, 221 E. 52nd St
Imagine a world that celebrates the feminine
Sponsored by Gather the Women, Millionth Circle, Circle Connections, Canadian Voice for Peace, Women of Spirit and Faith, International Public Policy Institute

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Imagine biz card-face (3)



Join us for Imagine, Thursday, Mar. 24 at 2.30 at the Salvation Army, NYC, 221 E. 52nd St. between 2nd and 3rd Ave. 

Imagine a World that celebrates the Feminine will be a creative, fun and meaningful  workshop where participates experience extraordinary color and deep conversation and connection. 

Discussion will be in a circle where we explore the probing questions in a variety of co-creative formats about how the world would look if the Feminine were celebrated. 

This UN Commission on the Status of Women event is open to the public and free.  Please join us and tell others.

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UN CSW 2016

2011CSW-1IMG_0180Banner-UN-Women's-Circle-Campaign (2)

We are changing social and religious norms so that women are treated as equals and protected from violence.

UN CSW 2016  March 14-25

Women’s Empowerment is key for economic and environmental Sustainability.

Join us on FB Page  UN Women’s Circles



Have you noticed that at least some global events have been shifting toward greater cooperation and awareness (Parliament of the World’s Religions, United Nations Conference on Climate in Paris COP21 and the first-ever high-level panel on Women’s Economic Development)?

We are consciously seeking to promote this possibility at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in March 2016, using to the fullest this growing field of changing global intentions.

Soon we will have a calendar of events for you to attend and promote to others.

We are a collective of women’s NGOs who are working together to bring Circle consciousness as a means for women’s empowerment and a safe place to be fully ourselves.

Please join us on FaceBook Page UN Women’s Circles.     Namaste!!!  Ann








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Feminine Power Rising




“The entire human community and cosmic universe have a claim on the merit of our daily actions.”      Joan Chittister

This was the quote I pulled from Sandy Wilbur’s basket to meditate on while walking the labyrinth. Gather The Women Global Matrix held their Annual Gathering on the beautiful natural land of Day Spring Conference Center in Florida. A circle of planners from GTW of Southwest Florida hosted and facilitated the circle of sacred circles.  54 women from many countries and throughout the United States attended along with one young mom and baby from Liverpool, England, Deborah Zaher and Theo.

This quote would be daunting if we didn’t have a circle of support. Gather The Women is made up of thousands of women from many places in the world who are meeting in a sacred circle, a circle of loving support. It is in circle where we are healed and empowered to be the change we want to see happen in the world. It is in women’s sacred circles that the Divine Feminine lives within us all and Feminine Leadership is empowered. It is in Circle where individual and collective healing happens and new insights and daily actions that have a positive influence and impact on the entire human community and cosmic universe are birthed.

Tu Bears from the Choctaw Nation opened our Circle every morning with a Sacred Pipe Ceremony and lessons.  She said men’s leadership is from the head and women’s leadership from the heart.  Our world has been out of balance with male leadership and the time has come for feminine leadership to bring balance.  This is a prophecy from many Indigenous tribes. The severe crises of the world needs love for Mother Earth, for ourselves and for one another.  This is what will bring healing and justice for all creation.  It is love that we brought and it permeated our actions throughout the Annual Gathering and now beyond.   We took the Circle Principle of consensus to a deeper level by including all beings.  We held many healing sessions and ceremonies, meditations and Open Space offerings.  We danced, sang, played, dreamed and helped one another.  Every chair had a leader and we all learned and shared through deep listening and reverence for all creation.

Janet Weisberg brought us Nature Connect experiences that helped us to live into our theme of Awaken to Nature Within and in Everything, Everywhere.  We wore costumes of non-human beings and held a Council of Beings that was profound and fun.  We had a Fire Circle Ceremony to let go of the old and to bring dreams for a new world of peace and justice for all creation.  This was held by three young women; Brittany Crayden, Elena Roubicek and CiCi Santiago.   Young women will help lead the way to being the change we want to see happen in the world.   Suzan Nolan, GTW Convener, held a circle conversation about spiritual activism that is motivated by love and deep reverence for all.

Katharina Sebert and Patricia Queritet from Europe brought circle dances and a womb healing ceremony that was held on the shore of the Gulf, drawing into their midst an  otter, dolphins and a manatee.   Everyone fully participated throughout the time together and added to the Divine Feminine synergy of the whole surpassing our previous understandings and expectations.  Everyone loved and was loved.

I am only covering a small part of what took place over the time together that began Thursday evening and ended Nov. 1st, All Saints Days on Sunday.  Saints, mystics, prophets, teachers, learners, healers, artists, singers, dancers, spiritual activists all came together in our diversity as One.  It is through our daily actions individually and collectively that we will heal and restore the entire human community and cosmic universe.   Namaste!!!  Ann



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Spirit of Parliament Lives On

Ten thousand people from 73 countries and every religion gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah, last week and the reverberations are being felt by hundreds of thousands. Will the heart of humanity be open to meet the challenges of our world?  This questions was answered by a loud Yes and a commitment to come together in our diversity to work on behalf of Mother Earth , stopping all forms of violence and seek justice for all creation. This hope and promise has created a huge wave of energy for positive change, starting within ourselves and touching everyone within our reach.

I returned home last Tuesday from the Parliament of the World’s Religions that was inspirational, creative, informative, loving and sacred event with ten thousand people of all faiths and ages coming together under one roof.   Awakening the heart of our humanity was the theme and every religion throughout the world was represented and committed to work together in bringing justice and peace for all creation.  We learned by listening and held heartfelt conversations respecting and honoring differences.

The world in severe crises makes it imperative for us as the people of God to no longer be separated from one another by religion but to come together in our diversity and to work together as faith leaders.  We are asked to not rank our diversity as one better than another including our humanity as better than the rest of nature.  The message to unify efforts was voiced by everyone and because of the severe crises of the world the board of directors of the Parliament said they would hold another world conference in two years.  This is unprecedented.

We had a pre-women’s conference called On Feminine Ground of 100 women organized by Kathe Schaaf in a planning circle where we shared the vision, values and leadership.  Phyllis Curott spent a year making sure we had a Women’s Assembly that is a first in the history of the Parliament.  3000 women attended and were inspired and empowered to be a mighty force for change.  We held the Reclaiming the Divine Feminine event at the Episcopal Church Center and in the Red Tent in the Convention Center.  Jann Aldredge-Clanton, author of the Book She Lives, Sophia Wisdom Works in the World, had all of us who have chapters in her book and present at the Parliament be presenters of a lively interactive presentation.

In a Circle conversation on women’s religious education I told stories from  grassroots women’s experiential leadership programs that heal and empower women as change agents.  We had many circles throughout and passed out three thousand Millionth Circle bookmarks at the Assembly that had our intention and Circle Principles. Jean Shinoda Bolen with the Millionth Circle Conveners gave presentations and held circle conversations.

The Divine Feminine was visible and audible throughout the Parliament.  There was a great hall with banners depicting the many expressions of Her.  There were many workshops and panels that included all voices from our diversity.  Women’s leadership was fully present as a mighty force for bringing in the new way of being the people of faith especially in Circle. Inclusive language in prayers and songs were used.

Native American, First Nation and other Indigenous people from Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America also had a strong presence throughout.  Their deep spirituality of living in harmony with nature, caring for Mother Earth as the source of all of our being, is powerful in transforming our separation from one another and nature.  It reconnects us as humans to the rest of creation as living members of a living eco-system, integral as part of nature but not over nature.  We were reminded that Mother Earth is our source of all that is needed to live, and by living in harmony there will be enough for all.

The gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender were warmly received, had a voice and were enfolded into the loving arms of our collective humanity.  No one was left out.  All were loved and welcomed.  Pope Francis was well represented by high officials from the Vatican as well as women and youth.   The Roman Catholic Church once separated in the interfaith movement is helping to lead the way in working together to stop war and violence against women, to eliminate poverty and to care for Mother Earth.  Leaders of the Muslim faith as well as Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and others are committed to bringing a lasting peace.  There was a peace silent walk lead by Muslim and Jewish women from Israel and Palestine.  There were many workshops and panels that informed and inspired us to become interfaith leaders. Sikhs shared their langar tradition by giving free lunch to all for five days.  

The convention center was filled with art, music, singing, dance and joy-filled sacred encounters.  Mother Earth’s Round Calendar flyers were passed out adding to the wealth of resources that teach us to care for ourselves, one another and our planet.

The closing Plenary song, Earth is Calling, brought a flow of tears from deep within my soul, tears of hope and joy that ten thousand religious leaders are dedicated to work together for justice and peace for all creation and will go home reaching millions.

We are the wind

We are the sea

We are the rivers

We are the trees

We are the mountains

We are the bees

Hold the earth as our beloved  reclaim humanity   

Suzan Nolan and I bring this sweet, sweet spirit and feminine power to Gather The Women Global Matrix Annual Gathering this coming weekend in Florida.

Namaste!!!   Ann

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Mother Earth’s Round Calendar

Mother Earth’s Round Calendar Coming Soon 

March 2016 — March 2017 

This one-of-a kind whimsical and meaningful sun and moon calendar is for people of all ages.  It has messages from Mother Earth that help us to be healthy people for a healthy planet.  It will have a free study guide to use before March 2016 and for each month that has a nature-centered theme. 

For those interested in being a sponsor or a partner please contact Ann Landaas Smith at   Retail price is $20.


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Pope Francis, President Obama and Grandmother Moon


Pope Francis, President Obama and Grandmother Moon



We have had a miraculous week with many signs and words needed to bring peace and justice for all creation.

I loved seeing Pope Francis being congruent as a pope for the marginalized and a champion to bring real change for all creation. I am grateful for his continued message about the urgency in caring for Mother Earth and his attack on greed for individual gain.  I am thankful for his giving praises to the nuns and for his apologies for the victims of sexual abuse by clergy and bishops.

I am gladdened that UN Women, the agency at the UN, hosted the global conference of world leaders where President Xi Jinping of China promised “to reaffirm our commitment to gender equality and women’s development” This was followed by  President Obama making his sharpest remarks about women’s equality in the General Assembly stating, “ that broadening opportunities for women and girls was central for a country’s development.  And I have to say I do not have patience for the excuse of well, we have our ways of doing things.  We understand that there is a long tradition in every society of discriminating against women. But that’s not an excuse.”

So what is up on Mother Earth with the fabulous show last night by Grandmother Moon dressed in blood red?  Are not these wondrous signs that the old is fading away and a new day is beginning?  Now it is up to us to be the change we want to see happen in the world.

Namaste!!!  Ann

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On Feminine Ground

Gaia    spiritual educationON FEMININE GROUND

On feminine ground is Circle with a sacred center where everyone is equally valued and equally shares information, leadership, power and resources. It is heaven on earth. It is a level playing field where the top, middle and bottom of hierarchy are flattened. It is where the Divine Feminine and Masculine are in balance. It is where everyone can be healed and empowered to fully participate. It is the place where the collective wisdom and creativity is grown and harvested.

When two or more gather together, we have the choice to be a hierarchy or a circle. The world as we know it is terrifying; filled with greed, hate, fear, apathy, despair, blame, guilt and aggression. It is a world that is destructive to all creation. Every circle with a sacred center formed within a hierarchy or standing on its own is one more circle bringing the tipping point of a new world emerging, a world of justice and peace for all creation. When women stand together on feminine ground we become a mighty force for change. We become the Mother Heart in our thinking and acting. We reach out and support men and children to join us in creating and connecting sacred circles that radically change the dynamics of power over to power with. We bring true democracy to the work place, politics, churches and other institutions. We become powerful spiritual activists and change agents transforming the gap between rich and poor, powerful and powerless to true equality.

The Mother Heart is when the frequencies of our heart and mind are one with Mother Earth. In this state of consciousness we become our best selves individually and collectively. We are deeply connected to all beings as equals; beautiful, wise, compassionate, life-givers, nurturers and co-creators. We live in harmony with Mother Earth as an integral part of nature. We learn to know and experience joy, love, enlightenment, peace reverence, forgiveness, serenity and divine wisdom. It is in circle, on feminine ground, where we become spiritual co-creators in bringing forth the new world of justice and peace for all creation.

The world as we know it disallows, belittles and denies the feminine; but no more. We have the power to choose between patriarchy and feminine ground. We have the power to bring real change circle by circle starting with ourselves. We are the Mother Heart of radical love stepping into our greatness as powerful spiritual human beings in tune with the divine cosmic plan.   Namaste!!!  Ann

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Beth Green Radio Show with Ann Smith

Beth Green Radio Show: Inside Out; The Inner Revolution

Women, Men and Hierarchy: Climb the Ladder or Tear It Down? Let’s Talk with Ann Smith!

Today, August 13, 6 PM Eastern Time

With the unprecedented movement of women climbing into positions of power in religion, business, government or even their own families, women need to ask: Do I climb the ladder or tear it down? Is the rise of women making a positive difference for our world? Or do we need new ways of being? This is a question for us all. Should I advance in the world as it is, or turn it upside down?

Join Beth Green and me for a lively and important conversation.    Namaste!!! Ann

Call in Live
International 001-480-398-1394

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